Maratea, also known as “The Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea” is the only municipality in Basilicata that overlooks the Tyrrhenian Sea, so its 32 km of coastline border to the north with Campania and to the south with Calabria, the northernmost fraction is the small town of Aquafredda di Maratea (where the B&B Grandma Vincenza is located) while the southernmost part is the small town of Castrocucco di Maratea.

The beaches of Maratea have a typical conformation that makes them unique, they are never too big, but rather coves, with very dark sand (one of the beaches is called Spiaggia nera. Precisely because of its color but the genus is roughly the same for all coast of Maratea)

in addition to this, Maratea is also called the city of 44 churches due to its numerous churches and chapels which, built at various times, constitute a very high artistic and religious value.

We should also mention the statue of the Redeemer, a statue 21 meters high that stands on Mount San Biagio,

from which you can admire a remarkable panorama, on particularly clear days from Mount San Biagio you can admire the landscapes of 3 regions, Calabria Basilicata and Campania.

Another noteworthy beauty is the marine grotto of Maratea, otherwise known as the Grotta delle Meraviglie, discovered by chance during the work of the ss18 and 76 meters from the sea in an entrance adjacent to the road, unfortunately the cave is not always accessible, except in the busiest periods of July and August in other periods to visit the cave you must book at 331-9150695 (Limongi Pompeo)

Below I will list the beauties and the key points to visit considering the distance from the B & B Grandma Vincenza

In Acquafredda di Maratea

Luppa Beaches and Anginarra

Sombrero Beach or Grotta della Scala

Porticello beach and dragon cave

Walk to Campolongo

Walk on the Gypsy Plain

Pigeon Cave

Villa Nitti